Kombucha Tea Reviews…

I love kombucha tea so much I wish I could drink it everyday!  I typically buy it by the bottle at a nearby health food store.  It is pretty expensive, so I have it as a treat about once a week.  I also hear that it is easy to make at home and a whole lot cheaper.  I need to start doing that soon!  So, what is kombucha tea?  It is a fermented tea that is full of beneficial yeasts and bacteria.  It’s got antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, and beneficial acids.  If you’re a tea lover, it taste nothing like that.  It has a totally different taste to it and to me is sort of like soda, only healthier.  It’s got the tang.  It’s got the fizz.  And I personally think it’s umm-hmm-gooood!

What is in the kombucha tea?  The basic ingredients include:  the kombucha “mother” called SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), a portion of a kombucha starter, tea, and sugar source.  I’m not going to take the time to explain the steps today.  Perhaps at another time when I actually make my own.  However, if you are curious, check it out here KOMBUCHA-HOW-TO.

What I wanted to dive into today is my take on the different kombucha tea brands that I experimented with while I was in Austin, TX.  Since I was sort of on a “vacation” I allowed myself to have a bottle a day.  What I found interesting is the taste is different among the brands.  I’ve had some that I did not like at all.  Actually, there was one so bad, I requested the store to allow me to make an exchange for my personal favorite.  Thank goodness I was able to!  Anyhow, while in Austin, I’ve tried three different brands:  Buddha’s Brew, Kosmic, and holykombucha.

For the purpose of this review, a rating of 1-10 will be given.  A #1 means my top favorite and a #10 means my least favorite.  (Note – there wasn’t one that I did not like…I liked them all, just in a different degree)

Buddha’s Brew


From left to right:  Hop’d, Cranberry, Tart Cherry Melon, & Pineapple Super Greens

Made in Austin, TX

Basic ingredients:  pure organic kombucha (brewed in a base of purified water, kombucha culture, fair trade organic tea & fair trade evaporated organic cane juice – used for fermentation)

1) Hop’d:  Basic ingredients plus the flavors of cascade, citra, and palisades.  I’ll be quite honest.  I had no idea what hop’d was until I checked it out online (that was after I purchased this).  Apparently it’s typically used as a flavoring and stability agent in beer which imparts a bitter and tangy taste to it.  I have also discovered that hop’d is also used in other beverages and herbal medicine.  To my surprise, I was quite impressed with the taste.  I thought it was slightly sweet & fruity.  Overall, it was an adventurous choice that is out of my preference range.  Rating – #5

2) Cranberry:  Basic ingredients plus 9% organic juices of cranberries and grapes.  I’ve always loved the taste of cranberries, so this was a must.  I liked the fruity flavor.  It’s simple, tart, and sweet.  Overall, it’s a taste I expected and I’d drink this whenever I’m not feeling well since cranberry juice is my personal choice when I am sick.  Rating – #4

3) Tart Cherry Melon:  Basic ingredients plus 9% organic juices of honeydew and tart cherries.  I absolutely love honeydew melons and cherries!  I don’t know what else to say about this other than that my taste buds were dancing!  This is a flavor I would definitely drink on a regular basis.  Rating – #1

4) Pineapple Super Greens:  Basic ingredients plus 7% juices of pineapple, apple, & peaches, and green powders (spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, spinach, and broccoli).  I really liked the combination of the fruit flavors in this drink.  Also, the green food powders did not have an overpowering effect as I thought it would (not that it would bother me, it was just an assumption).  Synergy GT Kombucha has always been my top brand, however, I’d choose this flavor over Synergy’s multi-green.  Rating – #2



From left to right:  Clockwork Orange, Groovy Green, & Black Magic

Made in Austin, TX

1) Clockwork Orange:   Organic kombucha (purified water, organic tea and organic cane sugar), orange juice concentrate, and organic vanilla rice milk.    This was VERY unique for me.  It tasted more milky and I’ve never seen kombucha tea with dairy free milk in it.  Rating – #6

2) Groovy Green:   Organic kombucha (purified water, organic tea and organic cane sugar), kiwi juice, pineapple juice, coconut essence, wheatgrass powder, agave.  I’m a big fan of coconut flavor stuff, so I was looking forward to tasting this.  The other ingredients seemed interesting as well.  I liked the combination of the kiwi and pineapple flavor.  The coconut essence was subtle and just right.  Rating – #6

3) Black Magic:   Organic kombucha (purified water, organic tea and organic cane sugar), purified water, agave, organic blackberries & raspberries, organic ginger juice, and spirulina.  I liked it but did not find anything special about it.  It’s not one of my top picks and I don’t think I’d buy this flavor again because the flavors did not pop out for me.  Rating – #10



1) Berry Passion:  95% holykombucha organic raw kombucha culture (brewed with purified water, kombucha culture, organic tea, organic evaporated cane juice), passionfruit puree, blueberry puree, and blackberry puree.  Made in Carrollton, TX.  I loved the fruity flavor of it and the combination, but it just didn’t seem to have that kombucha kick to it.  There was less fizz and tang that I was looking for.  Depending on my mood, I’d buy it again at a rare occurrence.  Rating – #8

Overall, of the three flavors, my top choice is the Buddha’s Brew.  I’ll have to try some more of the other flavors when I get back into Austin again.  I will keep on encouraging myself to try out the different brands and different flavors to compare and contrast.  However, to this day, I am still addicted to the Synergy GT Kombucha brand!  Maybe I’m biased because that was my first every kombucha I tried and ever since then I have not found anything close to it, until now.

Well, there you go!  That was my take on the different kombucha teas.  I’d encourage you to try it if you have not done so yet.  Don’t be surprised by the taste.  It is different.  But good in a different kind of way.  And for some, it may be an acquired taste.

So, now you tell me…Do you drink kombucha tea?  Which brand and flavor of kombucha tea do you like?



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