The transition into my new home!

Yes, I know!  It sure feels like it’s been a while since my last post. There is a perfect good reason for that. I have been swamped with all the packing and last minute errands prior to leaving town. Moving is a lot of work. It’s even worse moving in and out of DC.  It’s just beyond insane! I can’t begin to explain the emotions I’ve been feeling the past two weeks. Happy. Sad. Excited. Afraid. Optimistic. Pessimistic. I’ve had to constantly remind myself to put things in perspective and that ultimately God is in full control of everything. One step at a time. One faith at a time. One journey at a time.  And now a new chapter begins…

Great things!

I’ll be honest. The last place I lived in DC was SWEET! I caddied for a developer one day and made a connection. One thing led to another and I got a super-duper sweet deal at an amazing apartment complex! I mean, INCREDIBLE! The last two years living in this place couldn’t be any better. It was difficult to let go of this apartment. I believe that there are seasons for everything and I felt blessed to be able to experience luxury living at a very affordable price. And it was time for me to say goodbye…


An entrance view into the kitchen and living room with a balcony.


A better view of part of the living room and kitchen.

And now moving onward. I got in my car full of stuff that I could not fit into the Uhaul ubox. I gave away some stuff. I kept some stuff. And I brought some stuff with me. After three stops to Knoxville, TN and then to Birmingham, AL and then to Bossier City, LA, I finally arrived Austin, TX. I looked forward to the long trip with the intention of reflecting, praying, and  just absorbing everything in the past three years and anticipating of what’s ahead of me. I typically do not like long trips, but this was a time for me to really take things in perspective. Most of the trip was just me, God, and the road. I saw this view while driving…awesome!


I had a friend in Birmingham whom I haven’t seen in about 5 years, so we found a time to meet up! It was awesome to see her and her son. We had dinner at her parent’s house. We went to Vulcan Park & Museum and then to Steel City Pops. That was a lot of fun! Great food. Awesome company. Amazing views. Couldn’t be any better than that!


A beautiful view overlooking the city at Vulcan Park.


Very vegan-friendly popsicle place!


I had the avocado pop!  YUM-O!

After driving about 1,600 miles, I was ready to make my new apartment my new home! I got my keys. I hauled all the stuff I had in my car into my place. And I camped out again for the night. The next day moving help picked up my stuff from Uhaul and delivered the ubox to my place. I was SO ready to unpack, organize, and make my place more like home. It took me 5 days to complete everything! Yes, everything! Well, I still have some displays to put up, but I need an electric drill to do that.

miles driven

Okay, I lied…I drove exactly 1,622.9 miles!

There was a lot of what-ifs that came to my mind. A lot of doubts and fears crossed my thoughts. And that led to a lot of negativity. During one of my morning runs (and it was HOT and SWEATY), I felt the Lord speaking to my heart saying, “Heather, why don’t you just start praising for all the things you are grateful for?” When I did that, I came to realization that it’s so much more powerful to remember all the good that God has done. When we dwell on the negative things (and typically they are minor things), we forget just how mighty God is in our lives. When I remember all the things that God has done, I’m amazed how much I’ve grown. I think that one of my profound reflections I had during my road trip was this:

“You never really know what the future holds. It can be scary and a lot of times it really feels like you don’t know what you’re doing or will do. But what matters is that you are taking it one step at a time in a forward direction and embracing those unknown challenges. Take a look back in your life and remember how you got here. It’s amazing how much you’ve grown and still by looking back you still don’t remember the details of what you did to get here. That’s the beauty of trusting in the Lord and knowing that He is in full control of all things. You don’t need to know everything. Just do what you can today and hold onto your dreams and passions. Things and circumstances will come to you and God will give you the strength, mind, and creativity to do them.”

Well, I can finally say that I feel at home right now. I’m ready. I’m excited. It will be a great adventure! I’m looking forward to getting my business started. I’m receiving some business coaching with Global Deaf Women with about 10 other ladies in the program. The next 10 months will be challenging, but I am looking forward to it. The ladies are amazing and supportive. I’m driven. I’m motivated. And I’m excited!

I’d like to introduce you my two little babies! Yeah, two sweet, playful, & adorable kittens! I had been thinking for a while about getting a kitten when I moved into my new place. The plan was to wait, get settled, and in about a couple months, find a furry friend to keep me smiling around my place. Well, that plan did not go according to what I thought. I decided to swing by a couple of animal shelters to check out some kittens. I only wanted one, but when I saw the two siblings bouncing, jumping, wrestling, running, and so full of energy…my heart melted. I just couldn’t abandon one of them. I put the two on hold (for 24 hours) so I could go home to decide. The two won my heart. They will keep each other in good company. They are attached to each other. I decided to take both.

Ping & Pong

Ping (back) & Pong (front)

They’re brothers & sisters. I wanted a cute and unique name. When I interacted with them in the petting room at the animal shelter, they were BOUNCING off the walls, wrestling, running, bumping, and more BOUNCING! I took a video of them. After I left, I started to think of names. Pumpkin & Spice. Ginger & Spice. Ginger & Snap. Ping & Pong. Honestly, every time I watched the video, I just KNEW Ping & Pong was the perfect name for them. I couldn’t stop laughing. And there you go…my two little new kittens. From what I’ve observed so far, Ping has that feisty energy and Pong is quite energetic but seems affectionate as well. We shall see.

Well, that’s all folks! It’s been an interesting week! A lot of things happened that I did not expect (especially the kittens)! Have a blessed week. There are a few things I need to take care of this week now that I’ve got the apartment all settled and two new addition in my life! Week two, Austin, TX, here I come!



  1. Lisa McDonald

    Welcome to Texas, Heather. You are about 7 hours south from where I live:) So glad you found an apartment and two cute kittens:) I will keep you in my daily prayers for the new journey in your life.

    • Thank you very much! If you’re ever in the area, I’d love to see you again! Blessings!

  2. Oh your adventure sounds like a wonderful experience. We too are moving from the D.C. to a new state (unknown exactly which one). It does come with mixed emotions! So glad you are in your new home of Texas, I hope you make many good memories and have a wonderful experience there. 🙂

  3. Thank you very much! It has been a whirlwind thus far, but I’m loving it a lot. Good luck with your move, wherever it may be!

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