The start of my NEW health journey at 33 years old…

Happy Birthday to ME!

And here’s the gift to myself…

My mind has been thinking a lot since my last blog post. I’m reflecting back this past year. A lot has happened. And a lot has changed now. I’m amazed with the things I have gone through and found the perseverance to endure through the tough times. The easy times were fun. The tough times was a pain in the butt.

Let me just tell you the truth.

I’ve allowed my health get a little bit off track lately. Especially in the past three months. I wish I could tell you a very good excuse to why I allowed myself get off track, but I can’t. I don’t want to make excuses. But I’ll be honest, I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. I remember about three months ago, I’ve had serious digestive issues that kept me close to the bathroom. I do not remember ever experiencing this in my life! Stress. Yeah, that. And stress plus more stress makes me eat more and get a bit off track. Sighs.

But now, I’m trying to get back on track. My health is better. But my eating habits is still on and off. Today may be the first day of the next 365 days that I’m making a serious commitment in getting back on track, but I know it will not be easy. I will probably struggle some days, especially at the beginning. But I want to make a commitment.

Why one year? Well, I’m glad you asked…

In the past 10 years, I’ve experience short-term health benefits, such as a 30 day juice fast, a 7 day water fast, colon cleansing, clean eating, etc…and have always slept peacefully, felt refreshed, felt more energetic, and stayed mentally alert. The results of my health has been tremendous during the short time of cleansing. Eventually over time I allowed myself get off track.

For example…

“Oh, Heather, it’s okay to have a bowl of ice cream.” Or…”It’s okay to have a cookie or two.” I’m not saying that was a bad decision because I didn’t want to become so legalistic that I drive myself crazy for being too restrictive. I’ve learned to try to treat myself all the while not allowing it to get out of control. Well, 15 years of trying…it doesn’t seem to work for me. I think that when I allow the bad stuff back in, even if it’s a little, my body seem to crave more and more of it until I get out of control.

I’ve always asked myself this, “What if you stuck with something for a longer time period to see long-term results?” After years of curiosity, I’m ending it here. I’m going to try everything I can to do it. Just one year. One day at a time. One month at a time. One year.

My main focus is to eat WHOLE FOODS. Nothing processed. No additives. Just simple whole foods. And I’m making more effort to include a few cleansing and detox to clean up my system. I know it’s not going to fix everything right off the bat, but at least I’m heading in that direction of healing in an increasing motion. No relapse. No need to constantly reset.

What do I want to gain out of this? I would like to see some symptoms I experience to heal. I want to experience a steady level of energy every day. I want to see if I can truly eliminate my addictions. I want to give my body the proper nourishment it needs. And here’s the most important thing: I WANT TO EAT TO LIVE, as opposed to living to eat.

I’ve heard that it takes at least 21 days to develop a habit (and cravings disappear). From my experience, I’ve found it to be true. However, somehow over time I’ve allowed myself to bring certain foods back in my diet. Then over time, my cravings become stronger and stronger. Let’s see if sticking it out for one year will make me believe to end it for good.

So, here’s the first day of my one year journey. The first step I’m making is to chew my food thoroughly. I’m a fast eater. I always have been. I read that chewing thoroughly and eating slowly helps digest food better. So, I want to make that a habit. I’m attempting to slow down when I eat. I’m going to try to build my way up to chewing about 20-30 times per bite. Weird? Yeah. But why not? I’m going to chew solid foods, mushy foods, and liquids to allow my digestive juices produce the proper enzymes it needs to properly digest my food. (In fact, I’m eating some watermelon as I type…it’s already hard getting past 10 chews!)

Hey, I might just have found something quirky about me! And there may be more this year 🙂 Have a blessed day!



  1. Maureen

    Hey Happy Birthday to you! Lucky you are still young. I completely related to your experiences about healthy foods, etc. I was great shape for the last 3 or 4 years then menopause came in and my hormone cracks up.
    I met lady’s name is Kristen and she’s great raw or vegan chef. Now, she’s back to normal moderation. I want to share her long article that she admits her vegan journey is over and her health got worse. I fit in her some way so I have to change some modification.

    I will share my previous photo how great shape when I was 51 years old then now I gain back due to menopause does effect me. I am working hard to get this back into healthy shape.
    I have to look for my photo to install here on the next comment.


    • Hi Maureen, thanks for sharing that article! I agree what Kristen said because lately I have been more aware that every person is different and we need to pay attention to ourselves closely. For example, I have been thinking about including fish in my diet again. Maybe chicken. But it has to be natural and organic. I’ve been on a journey for a while and always looking to listen to my body. The key to everything I believe is WHOLE FOODS. Yes, even meat is a whole food (just be careful where you get it). As for you, I can only encourage that you keep taking care of yourself the best as you can 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Maureen


    • Doesn’t seem like I can open this. Hmmm.

      • Maureen

        It doesnt have a link here. I will send you personal facebook. Thanks, Maureen

  3. I think it may be connected more to what you have been eating than stress. When you have cleaned up your body junk does a number on the digestive system. It actually changes the flora in the guts and the nuerons there in turn influence the brains food choices.

    I actually blogged the second brain a short time ago. Check it out.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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